Humans of Istanbul

Sympathy and melancholy; these are the two words that would define the character of the stambouliotes. Two main attitudes which reign the streets of Istanbul.

In today's world we are trying to understand what is happening in Turkey. With this project of « Humans of Istanbuliote » I wanted to enter the people’s lives in Istanbul by taking advantage of the cultural wealth and diversity that 14 million people of population coming from all over Turkey. I try to explore the different visions and feelings of the inhabitants of Istanbul outside the purely political messages.

In the aim of carrying out this project which is followed by over 20 thousands of people on social media, I’ve been walking around the city since two years to take spontaneous portraits of inhabitants in the rush of town. The daily conversations often turn into melancholic divergences which is like the key point of  stambouliotes: sorrows which lie down behind the limitless altruism. 

My aim with this project is not only giving voice to stambouliotes but also to sharing the silent and melancholic moments of this inhabitants with help of pictures without texts, taken around the Bosphorus. All in all, as stamboliotes say: « Bosphore for us is like an escape from the city, where we breathe and forget our sorrows, without it this city would have been unsupportable with all these problems and high cost of living. »

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