« A transparent tank of water in which live fish and other water creatures and plants are kept and displayed. »


The undersea world, with its grandiose creatures and eye popping colors, is a paradisal environment which humans cannot naturally access. The only areas we can access in this ‘naturally inaccessible univers’ on earth, are the ‘unnatural’ places created by humans beings: aquariums; where people can witness undersea creatures’ lives, behind the glass.


Unlikely to other series of pictures I did (for which I keep a sense of objectivity), these images represent a subjectif work, given that the idea is to enhance the artificialness of these places, comparable to dolphinariums, or zoos. 


To focus on the idea, I chose to capture the missing parts or modifications on the bodies of animals, caused by refractions of mirrors, or simple reflections. I wanted to enhance the idea of ‘half lived lives’ of the ocean animals, kept in ‘marine zoos’. 

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