A Secret Down Story

In 1991, Meral and Kazım warmly welcomed their first baby Kaan. Meral looked at his husband, she thought Kazım was in the seventh heaven that day. Indeed, having a boy who would become a man carrying his surname to the next generations would be a supreme source of pride and joy for a young father, who grew up in a patriarchal culture.

But the glory didn't last long. When three months later Kaan was diagnosed with Down syndrome, Meral accepted her son's situation, but her husband did not : he obliged Meral to keep Kaan's situation as a secret, since knew that his parents' cousin marriage was the reason for the syndrome, as the doctors confirmed. Meral, who didn't even know about the consanguinity before she got married, had to hide his son from everyone, as her husband was ashamed of the past and the current situation. 

Keeping the secret not only from friends but also from the family was like living in seclusion: she had to take care of Kaan consistently, which prevented her from going out, seeing friends or attending family gatherings. So this « secret Down story » turned Meral and Kaan's life into a prison: they spent their lives together, far from the eyes of others, till the day Meral divorced her husband. The divorce was a liberation for Meral as well as for Kaan, but it was also an unconscious loss due to his father's physical absence, which made him run away from home to search for his father. Kazım, on the other hand, was openly declaring his wish to get rid of his son. These attempts without success made Kaan believe that his father was actually dead.

Today, Meral performs in a spectacle entitled « Happy birthday my angel » in which she unveils her eight-year « secret Down story » and celebrates Kaan's birthday during the show.

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